Hi, I’m Lora

I love capturing all varieties of images, from portraits to events to architecture to wildlife and my wild yorkies. My studio is in Central Kentucky, but my digital services are available to all.

Early on

I have always loved photography. When I have a camera in my hands, I don’t feel heat, cold, or anything else except the joy of the moment. Time truly stands still. It doesn’t end with the photograph that the camera captures. I absolutely love creating something from what would be a deleted image to others in applictions such as Photoshop.


I love how much technology has changed over the past 15 years. It inspires me to never be satisfied and to learn something new every day. I also love to bring new life to family photos, so photo restoration is something I am also passitionate about. And with all of the wonderful print mediums that are available today, not to mention digital archiving, those images can be restored and treasured for generations.